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General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR

As of 25th May 2018 new GDPR guidelines have been introduced. Integral BC Solutions seek to adhere to these guidelines and ensure your personal information is retained in a protected and secure manner.

What data we collect

We collect data in relation to the services we offer to enable us to fulfil the statutory regulations that we abide by. On completion of our application form, applicants agree that their details (as provided) can be kept for 15 years?. This includes the site address, applicant details including a postal address and any correspondents so named on the application (please see details below for a more in-depth account). We keep this data to not only protect the development in question, so records appear as required but also to ensure that the standards required are met.

Data Kept

Client/ Homeowner/ Individual

Homeowner data
Contact numbers
Emails & any record of correspondence
Feedback regarding service
Plans for builds including floor plans

Third party organisations/ companies

Company name
Company address
Contact details including email address and number
Point of contact
Local Authority email addresses, contact numbers & addresses
Fire Authority email addresses, contact numbers & addresses
Water Authority email addresses, contact numbers & addresses













How we collect data

Data is primarily collected via our application form, which is completed by the relevant applicant who gives authority for our services to commence. This data is then transferred to our database & backed up via our online storage facility to ensure no loss of information. Any other information provided via the applicant or correspondents named on the application will also be transferred to our database to ensure a thorough paper trail. This may be provided via email, telephone or written correspondence.

How we use the data collected

The data collected is used solely for the purpose that it is provided for. Using the data, we can create and track the project accurately, inform the relevant authorities (Local Authority, Water Authority, Fire Authority) as statutory regulations require and make checks against the plans provided. Communication with the correspondents named is key in order to gain any further information, to ensure we are well informed to make assessments and to keep lines of communication open.

How we store data

Acquired data is stored securely on our company database with limited access to staff members only. The information on the database, along with any emails is backed up on cloud based storage system which is password protected and again, only accessible to employees.

If you have any questions regarding Integral BC Solutions and/ or have a query the data we have involving you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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